Emerging Growth

Aero Law Group attorneys’ experience in Aviation, Venture Equity and Debt Financings and Emerging Growth Company representation makes the Aero Law Group the logical choice among participants in the Internet B2B marketplace for aviation related goods and services.

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Corporate Aviation

The economic changes of the past decade have generated a corresponding need for safe, efficient and productive business air travel. Acting on this need, our clients, leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment bankers, financial and research institutions and technology based private and public companies, have acquired ownership interests in a variety of corporate and executive aircraft [...]

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Commercial Aviation

Aviation deregulation has resulted in both growth and diversity in the commercial aviation industry. This includes those who are willing to make major financial investments in the industry’s future. Aero Law Group clients include both emerging and established commercial airlines and the nation’s largest investment bankers in their aircraft, airline and Internet travel related investments. [...]

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Five New Additions to Cape Town Treaty

March, 2009 — Planned on April 1, 2009 four new countries will accede to the Cape Town Convention. Included are Cuba, Kazakhstan, Singapore and Tanzania. As of June 1, 2009 China will also add itself to the treaty. For more information please visit our Cape Town Information Page.

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